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19 Things to Do on a Picnic Date

Outdoor dates can be intimate and romantic because they force you to get off your phone and focus on each other. But only if you don’t keep stopping for selfies or posing for the gram. So what exactly are you supposed to do without your smartphone? Here are a few ideas of what to do on a picnic date. And yes, you can take pictures, but enjoy your surroundings as well!

What to Do on a Picnic Date

1. Enjoy the Scenery

During your picnic, after you’ve taken the expected social media shots, you need to put the gadgets away and just enjoy each other’s company. It helps if you have a pretty view to look at, so pick your picnic spot carefully. A hillside picnic is awesome because you can watch the sights all around you for miles, and the elevated air is fresher. This makes food taste better!


2. Eat on a Charcuterie Board

Eat on a Charcuterie Board

Pronunciation aside, charcuterie boards are perfect when you’re planning what to do on a picnic. They’re basically cheese boards, though they also have cold cuts, cured meats, pâtés, crackers, bread, and fancy fruits. They go well with wine and are a great way to feel fancy and romantic. Check in with your date, confirming if they like cheese or have any lactose issues …


3. Explore Some Physical Games

Physical exertion helps you loosen up, build an appetite, get those endorphins pumping, and get comfortable with each other. Be sure to tell your date what kind of activities you planned so they can dress appropriately. Try the standard fare like Frisbee, badminton, baseball, or catch. Or you can let out your inner child with snowball fights, balloon games, and races.


4. Play Board Games and/or Card Games

Play Board Games andor Card Games

Board games are a great way to build intimacy because you have to talk to each other. If you already know what games they like, you can bring their favorites. If not, carry a selection so they can choose. It could be chess, scrabble, checkers, snakes and ladders, or even something like clue or a trivia game. A deck of cards is good too, whether it’s a standard one or a Q & A.


5. Bond with Family and Friends

A picnic date doesn’t have to be just the two of you. It’s a great low-stress way to introduce your new love to your friends and family too. So introducing a few competitive games and team sports can be a good way to bond your partner with your wider social circle. It can also be a clever way to see how they perform under pressure, and whether they’re a sore loser …


6. Have a Dance Party

Have a Dance Party

One of the essentials you should bring to the party is a portable speaker. You can play some slow jams and get cozy on the grassy dance floor, or you can play something energetic that will get your blood pumping. Dancing is a lovely way to enjoy physical intimacy in a public space because it doesn’t necessarily count as PDA. Just be sure you don’t get too handsy!


7. Stay Cosy Indoors

Yes, you can have a picnic at home. It’s a nice way to spice things up and have some couple time without worrying about bugs and outdoor toilets. But you have to plan it carefully and agree not to be distracted by household duties. Put your phones on silent and if you have kids, send them on a sleepover or put them to bed early. You can talk, dance, or just chill.


8. Take a Walk Together

Take a Walk Together

Since picnics mainly take place outdoors, romantic strolls are high on the list of what to do on a picnic date. It could be a quiet walk on the beach or a brisk power stride to build up your appetite. If you’re a sporty couple, you could hike before you eat, or go on a shared bike ride. Just make sure it’s not too energetic or you may end up too sweaty to enjoy the picnic later.


9. Catch the Sunset … or the Sunrise

Enjoying those pretty pinks and peaches can be a rather romantic thing to do on a picnic date. But account for your partner’s body clock. Sunrise picnics are great since you can hear the morning birds too, but you’d have to be awake by 4 or 5 am to reach the site in time. A sunset date is easier to plan and can be a lovely end to a busy work week. Bring bug spray!


10. Watch the Stars

Watch the Stars

Stargazing is another top suggestion for what to do on a picnic date. And you can have a bonfire too, which is both cozy and practical. Just be sure you’re allowed to set things alight at your selected picnic spot and carry bug spray because your snacks and flames will attract lots of insects. Carry warm clothes, since it can get quite chilly even if you’re feeling steamy.


11. Practice Your Yoga Moves

Picnic dates are about taking in the scenery while giving each other your full attention. It’s the perfect form of quality time, an ideal blend of a quiet, intimate experience and a deeply physical one. But if you don’t want to go hiking, biking, or Frisbee-ing, how about some yoga? You can share those deep calming breaths as you stretch and invoke a moment of zen.


12. Do Something Artistic

Do Something Artistic

You don’t have to be an expert or anything. This is just a chance to do something fun and frivolous, so pack some art supplies to go with your picnic basket. As a guideline, think of the arts and crafts projects you did in pre-k. You could go with watercolors, doodles, and abstract sketches, or you could do some string painting or potato printing. Go get messy!


13. Take a Boat Ride

Depending on where you have your picnic date, you may find interesting activities to do. Many picnic sites have a nature trail where you can stroll while watching the birds and butterflies. Or maybe you could take a bike ride or a horse ride. If there’s water nearby, you could go for a swim, or you could spend some time on a paddle boat, kayak, or pontoon.


14. Lay Back and Relax

Lay Back and Relax

We’re talking about picnic dates so you’re probably a couple. And in your daily life, there’s always something going on. You’re busy with work, chores, friends, family, or hobbies. So even when you’re together at home, one or both of you is always rushing off to do something important. So use your picnic date as an excuse to press pause. Take a nap, or just cuddle.


15. Have Fun and Act Silly

A lot of us are uptight during dates because we’re trying to impress each other. But the casual atmosphere is a good excuse to be vulnerable and let your hair down. So plan some frivolous activities like limbo and karaoke. You may feel self-conscious at first, but laughing together and being a good sport will bring you closer, reminding you what attracted you to each other.


16. Sip on Some Wine

Sip on Some Wine

Most of the time when you’re drinking with friends, you’re just trying to get drunk and loosen up. And while that’s fun, it doesn’t let you fully enjoy the flavor and aroma of the wine. A picnic is a good time to truly savor your drink, whether it’s a specialty liqueur, an aged whisky, or a craft beer. Plan for picnic snacks that pair well with your chosen drink.


17. Go Bird Watching

Picnic snacks are likely to attract lots of birds and bugs. But some picnic sites are designated nature reserves so they’re the perfect place to stroll along a forest trail or do some bird watching. Yes, you can photograph the birds, and it’s also useful to have a checklist. The list can have the popular birds that live in that area so you can tick them off as you sight them.


18. Go Fishing Together

Go Fishing Together

When guys go fishing together, they don’t talk much. But if you and your partner both enjoy this … sport … it can be a fun picnic activity. Besides, if you carried a stove or cooktop to the picnic site – and if the lake allows it – you can barbeque your catch and enjoy it together. But even if you toss them back in the water, it’s a great opportunity to hang out.


19. Fly a Picnic Kite

Kite flying is usually something you do with the kids, but it can be a fun activity for a picnic date as well. And it’s just as exciting whether you’re kiting at the park or the beach. You could even start the date by making kites together as you nibble on your packed snacks. Then when the wind picks up, you can let loose some string and watch your art fly high in the sky.


What did you do on your last picnic date? Tell us and share ideas in the comments section!