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Does the Riddler say riddle me this?

No, the Riddler does not normally say “riddle me this” in the Batman stories. It is a phrase often used to describe the Riddler’s style of speaking, as he often poses riddles and puzzles to challenge his adversaries.

The phrase “riddle me this” was popularized by the 1960’s Batman TV series and movie adaptations, where the character was known for speaking in this manner. Outside of these adaptations, the Riddler rarely uses the phrase in the comics, usually preferring to simply ask his questions without any catch phrases.

Where does riddle me this Batman come from?

The phrase “Riddle me this, Batman” is a famous line personally associated with the arch nemesis of Batman, actor Frank Gorshin’s rendition of the Riddler in the 1960s television show. In the show, The Riddler would often test Batman’s intellect by asking him a series of riddles and puzzles.

‘Riddle me this, Batman’ is used to this day as a way of posing a riddle to someone, usually accompanied with a finger snap or two. It’s a recognizable line, especially amongst Batman fans, and can bring a smile to many faces when spoken.

What mental illness does the Riddler have?

The Riddler does not appear to be suffering from a specific mental illness in the DC Comics universe, although he could be seen as having some obsessive-compulsive tendencies or a personality disorder.

He often displays a lack of empathy or compassion for others and is extremely fixated on his own riddle-based puzzles and games. The Riddler is known to be highly intelligent and strategic, with an obsession with demonstrating his genius through clever traps and puzzles.

He has a deep fear of failure and uses his incredibly clever answers to prove he is superior. While clinical labels cannot be applied to fictional characters, the Riddler may meet criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder due to the manipulative, self-centered nature of his behavior.

Additionally, his intense focus on his own puzzles and lack of remorse imply a narcissistic personality. Whatever mental health issues the Riddler may have, they are key to his transformation into an iconic villain.

What is the most famous Batman quote?

The most famous Batman quote is “I’m Batman”. It is a classic phrase first uttered by Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman film and has since become an iconic line that has been used in many different Batman comic books, television shows, movies, cartoon and video games.

It is a reminder that Batman is an unstoppable force of justice in Gotham City, and the words have come to stand for the determination and power that Batman embodies.

Why is Riddler obsessed with riddles?

Riddler is obsessed with riddles because they offer him a way to challenge himself and other people intellectually. Riddles stimulate his mind and allow him to think outside the box, allowing him to be creative and come up with unique solutions.

Riddles also give him an outlet to exercise his mastery of logic, wordplay and conceptual thinking, allowing him to flex his mental muscles. On top of this, Riddler takes tremendous pleasure in stumping others and turning their assumptions and expectations upside down.

He enjoys the thrill of the hunt in searching for the right solution, and the satisfaction of outsmarting others. For Riddler, riddles are more than a way to show his superior mind – they are a way to express himself and share his puzzles with the world.

Who is afraid of the big black bat answer?

Many people are afraid of the big black bat, as it is often seen as a mysterious, scary creature. The bat has been used in many cultures and mythologies throughout history as a symbol of bad luck and chaos.

Even today, many people make the superstitious assumption that seeing a big black bat is a bad omen, as it could bring bad luck, disease, or even death. In some regions of the world, people also associate big black bats with witchcraft, evil forces, or demons.

The fear of being attacked by a bat is also common, as these creatures are often seen as mysterious and hard to predict. Additionally, some people may be scared of the sound of a big black bat’s wings flapping, or its sharp teeth.

All of these reasons are likely why many people are afraid of the big black bat.

Which Batman has Riddler?

The Riddler, also known as Edward Nigma, has been a villain in the Batman series since 1964. He was created by Bill Finger and debuted in issue No. 140 from DC Comics. Throughout the years, different actors have portrayed the villain on the big screen.

Most notably, Jim Carrey played the Riddler in the 1995 movie Batman Forever. In this film, Carrey’s character is obsessed with riddles and constantly as Batman, played by Val Kilmer, and Robin, portrayed by Chris O’Donnell for answers.

In the movie’s climax, the Riddler is ultimately defeated by Batman; however, he escapes with his life and is never seen again in the movie.

In the 2021 film The Batman, Paul Dano plays the Riddler. This version of the character is depicted as a genius but socially awkward tech mogul who hides behind his alter-ego. He has a vendetta against Gotham and uses his brilliance to create a series of puzzles to taunt Batman.

Unlike Carrey’s version, in The Batman the Riddler ultimately meets his demise and never returns to antagonize Batman again.

Who does Riddler talk to at end?

At the end of the movie, Riddler talks to Batman. After admitting defeat and surrendering to the police, Riddler has one final conversation with Batman. He inquires if Batman was able to solve his riddles, to which Batman confirms that he was, proclaiming “You can never know if you ever truly triumph, until the riddles are solved”.

Riddler then begins to laugh, providing closure to the confrontation between the two long standing rivals.

Who is Riddler’s BFF?

Riddler’s best friend is Edward Nigma, also known as The Riddler. He is a brilliant criminal from Gotham City and a frequent adversary of Batman. Edward Nigma is an expert in the field of puzzles, riddles and challenge games, which he uses to challenge both Batman and his enemies.

Despite being a master criminal, Director Gordon trusts Edward and sees him as an ally in the fight against crime. Edward is also a close friend to Batman and at times he helps him out of sticky situations.

Despite his criminal status, Edward is a benevolent character and helps those in need. His relationship with Batman is especially strong as he is the only person Batman trusts to talk to in moments of great stress.

How tall is Batman?

The exact height of Batman has never been confirmed, however a commonly accepted answer is about 6’2″. This is based on comic book canon, as well as his portrayal in movies, such as the 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton.

This is also in line with the view expressed by comic book creator Christopher Nolan, who considers Batman to be slightly taller than 6’2″. In the 1989 Batman Returns movie, Michael Keaton’s character was stated to be 6’2″ tall.

In the comics, Batman is typically described as being an above-average height for an adult male – no less than 6 feet tall and possibly an inch above 6 feet. Most artists draw Batman at 6’2″ or so, although there have been times when he has been depicted as being even taller.

Who is Riddler in love with?

The Riddler is in love with his frequent partner-in-crime, Edward Nygma, otherwise known as the Riddler. After their many criminal escapades together, the pair developed a unique chemistry that ultimately turned into a romantic relationship.

Although the Riddler clearly loves Edward, the exact nature of their relationship is still a mystery. Edward, who suffers from split-personality disorder, may not even be aware of the romantic feelings that his alter ego has for him.

It’s not known if the Riddler has ever shared his true feelings, but his actions and words often hint at a deep, unspoken love. Regardless of the outcome, the Riddler’s feelings for Edward are undoubtedly strong, and it’s clear that he still cherishes their bond.