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How do you choose knobs or handles for cabinets?

Choosing knobs or handles for cabinets is an important part of creating the desired look to a space, as they play an important role in the overall design. When deciding on the type of knob or handle to choose, the most important thing to consider is the function.

Knobs and handles come in a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern and everything in between. Depending on the style you are going for, there will be variations in the shapes, sizes, and finishes of the handles.

If your cabinets are a traditional style, then you want to select a handle or knob that is in line with the classic look, such as a round or oval shape with a slightly detailed finish. If on the other hand your cabinets are modern, you can opt for contemporary shapes such as square, geometrical, and bar handles.

The other aspect to consider when selecting your hardware is the size. The size should be in proportion to the cabinet and drawers so it looks cohesive. Finally, when it comes to the material of the knobs and handles, the choices are virtually endless, with brass, chrome, ceramic, crystal, porcelain, and wood all available.

Once you have selected the design and size of your knobs and handles, you should mount them in the appropriate place. If properly installed, your knobs and handles will provide the right feel and look to your cabinets and drawers.

Should I use handles or knobs on kitchen cabinets?

When deciding whether to use handles or knobs on your kitchen cabinets, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on the style of your kitchen, the types of cabinets you’re dealing with, and whether or not you are trying to make a particular statement.

Generally speaking, cabinet handles tend to be more traditional and look great in classic kitchens and farmhouse-style homes. Knobs, on the other hand, tend to be a more bold and modern statement and can be used to complement contemporary-style kitchens.

When making this decision, it is important to consider how often the cabinets will be opened and closed, as well as the size of the cabinet doors and drawers. Handles are slightly easier to use than knobs, and can be easier to open and close if your cabinets are large and made from heavier materials like solid wood.

On the other hand, knobs are more suited to smaller cabinets.

Ultimately, the choice between knobs and handles will depend on your individual needs and personal design style. As long as you carefully consider all of the necessary factors, you can make sure your choice looks great and complements the overall look of your kitchen.

How do I choose cabinet knobs and pulls?

When choosing cabinet knobs and pulls, there are several things to consider, such as size, style, finish, materials, and placement. The size of the knob or pull should complement the size of the cabinetry and drawers.

Generally, the knob or pull should fit comfortably in the hand, but not be too small. Consider the style of the kitchen and the specific task of the cabinet. For example, a decorative knob may be chosen for a display cabinet, while a functional pull might be preferred for a cabinet used for storage.

Finish is also a important factor and should be coordinated with the rest of the cabinet hardware, kitchen fixtures, countertops, and/or appliances. Common finishes are steel, brass, and chrome. Materials should also be taken into account.

Commonly used materials for knobs and pulls include, steel, plastic, and wood. Finally, consider placement. Most knobs and pulls are mounted horizontally, but there are options to mount them vertically or with other patterns.

Taking all these considerations into account should help ensure you choose the right cabinet knobs and pulls for your kitchen.

What type of cabinet knobs are in style?

At the moment, cabinet knobs in a variety of finishes and designs are in style, meaning you have many options to choose from when decorating your space. Popular finishes include oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and matte black, while the most popular designs range from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional.

There are even more unique options, including rustic, vintage-inspired, and mixed metal knobs. Depending on the style you’re looking to achieve, you could go with anything from sleek, chrome knobs to colorful, glass options.

Generally speaking, it’s best to choose knobs that will aesthetically complement the other design elements of your room, such as the countertops, appliances, and other hardware.

Are pulls or knobs more modern?

It depends on the context and design you are looking for. Pulls are becoming more common in modern interior design, particularly in a minimalist aesthetic which favors clean lines and simplicity. Pulls are a great way to show off sleek and modern cabinet doors.

Knobs can also be a great option depending on the age of the home and level of sophistication. For older homes, a brass knob can convey a classic look while still updating the space. For homes with a more eclectic feel, decorative knobs can be used to add a playful touch.

Ultimately, both pulls and knobs can be used to achieve a modern look.

Which type of handle is for kitchen cabinets?

The most common type of handle for kitchen cabinets is a pull handle. Pull handles can come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, and can be found in both circular and rectangular shapes. For a more modern and contemporary look, bar handles are commonly used.

This type of door handle runs along the entire width of the door and is usually made of metal. Knobs are also commonly used and come in a wide variety of designs and finishes. Knobs are a great option for any style of kitchen, whether you are aiming for a traditional, modern, or a coastal farmhouse look.

Lastly, cup handles are a nice option to consider and provide a unique touch to any kitchen. These handles run the length of the door and can be installed in a vertical or horizontal pattern.

Are lever handles better than knobs?

Whether lever handles are better than knobs is a subjective question that depends on the preferences and needs of the individual. Lever handles do typically provide better ergonomics, as they allow for easier operation and door opening, with less pressure and strain on the hands, wrists, and arms.

Lever handles require less gripping and twisting than knobs, and are often more comfortable for those with arthritis or dexterity issues. They can also be easier to use for children, as they’re easier to grasp and turn.

Additionally, lever handles are also generally easier to clean, as they don’t have nooks and crevices like knobs often do. On the flip side, knobs may be seen as more aesthetically pleasing and can provide a modern or traditional feel to a room.

Ultimately, the choice of lever handle versus knob comes down to the personal preferences, needs, and decor tastes of the individual.

What kind of handles look good with gray cabinets?

Choose handles for gray cabinets that complement the overall design style of your kitchen and that also help to highlight the gray cabinetry itself. For a modern kitchen, consider sleek, stainless steel handles, or for a more rustic style, opt for copper or brass handles that have a bit of texture to them.

For a classic look, black iron or even wood handles can look stunning against gray cabinets, while glass-front cabinets can be accented with interesting knobs or draw pulls that fit your personal style.

Beyond choosing the right material, think about the design of the handles themselves. For a more subtle effect, opt for sleek handles that don’t draw too much attention, or go all out with drop style handles or decorative backsplash.

Regardless of which style you choose, make sure the handles you select look good with other fixtures and appliances in your kitchen, like your faucet and light fixtures, to ensure that a cohesive appearance is achieved throughout the space.

Are knobs better than pulls?

The choice between knobs and pulls is completely subjective and comes down to personal preference. Knobs are generally less expensive and more straightforward to install, while pulls require more time and effort for installation.

Along with cost, there are several other factors that come into play.

Knobs take up less space, so if your cabinets are packed tight or you are working with limited space, then knobs may be a better choice. Knobs also tend to work better for drawers, as you can use them to access items quickly when rummaging through drawers, rather than needing to pull the entire drawer out first.

For example, if you are looking for a specific item in a crowded drawer, knobs make it easy to identify what is inside and open the drawer so you can reach it. On the other hand, pulls work better on doors, as they provide a smoother tug on a door than knobs do.

With pulls, you don’t need to worry about pushing or squeezing your fingers to open the door.

Ultimately, you should choose whatever looks best with the style of your kitchen. Think about the type of material you want (wood, metal, plastic, etc. ) and what style you want to go for (modern, traditional, etc.

). That should help narrow down your choice between knobs and pulls.

Are knobs or handles better?

It really depends on the situation and personal preference. Knobs tend to be easier to grab and hold onto, while handles may be more attractive in terms of aesthetics. Handles can also provide additional leverage when opening a door, cabinet, or drawer.

Knobs are typically smaller, making them easier to turn with one hand, but handles may be better for larger draped areas that require two-handed operation. Consider the individual needs of the space, how it will be used, and of course, the desired aesthetics and choose the option that works best for you.

Should you put knobs or pulls on bathroom cabinets?

When deciding whether to use knobs or pulls to access the contents of bathroom cabinets, it is important to consider both practical and aesthetic concerns.

In terms of practicality, it is important to consider the size and weight of the doors of the cabinet. Pulls are generally easier to operate than knobs, particularly when the doors are larger or heavier.

Also, it may be easier to open the cabinet if there is a pull as opposed to having to grab and twist a knob. In cases where you may have to open the cabinet with wet hands, a pull may be more convenient.

In terms of aesthetics, it is important to consider the overall style of the bathroom, as well as the cabinet’s design. If the bathroom has a classic design, knobs may be more suitable. However, a more modern and contemporary style of bathroom may be better suited to pulls.

It is also important to consider the material and design of the cabinet doors and drawers; a large, bold pull may look jarring on a delicate piece of furniture, whereas a small, sleek knob may enhance the overall design.

Ultimately, the best option for bathroom cabinets will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Choosing knobs or pulls can make a big impact on your bathroom’s overall style and functionality.

Are bar pulls still in style?

Bar pulls are amongst the most popular cabinet hardware styles and they remain a timeless choice for many homeowners. With sleek lines and aero-dynamic forms, bar pulls offer an inobtrusive modern touch to any kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.

They are perfect for a variety of cabinet doors and drawers, making them one of the most versatile cabinet handle shapes on the market. Their minimalist and streamlined design is both stylish and easy to install, perfect for any cabinets looking for a contemporary refresh.

Furthermore, the long stick shape of bar pulls provide a better grip for opening and closing cabinets compared to other types of knobs. You can find bar pulls in different materials, from brass and stainless steel to ceramic and stone, and in various sizes to adjust to the design of your cabinetry.

When looking to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, bar pulls are still an ideal choice.

Should you mix pulls and knobs in kitchen?

It is totally up to personal preference whether you mix pulls and knobs in the kitchen. Although matching hardware pieces can create a cohesive look, there is something to be said for the contrast achieved when mixing pulls and knobs.

Mixing hardware can add an interesting touch, breaking up the monotony of all the same pieces, while still keeping the design in harmony.

Pulls and knobs can be chosen to match each other as well. If you decide to go with a pull/knob combination, look for similar shapes that tie together and coordinate a shared color scheme. Doing this adds a hint of modernity to the kitchen space, and gives the drawers and cabinets more personality.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing pulls and knobs, and one could even mix finishes and classic styles for a more traditional look.

At the end of the day, it is important to choose whatever works best for you and your home and kitchen. Selecting a combination of pulls and knobs or simply one unified look can add the finishing touches and create a beautiful aesthetic to your kitchen design.

Is it OK to mix levers and knobs?

Yes, it is OK to mix levers and knobs in a room. This can be used to help create a unique and interesting look to the space. Lever and knobs can be used in a variety of ways, such as using the levers as door handles and knobs as drawer pulls.

Lever handles provide a more modern and sleek look that can help bring a contemporary feel to the space, while knobs can bring texture and detail to the room. Lever and knobs can also be used to control items, such as turning on lights, setting the temperature, and controlling the volume, so mixing lever and knobs can add functionality to the space as well.

When mixing lever and knobs, it’s important to ensure that the finishes match and the pieces are compatible. Both levers and knobs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes, so it’s important to find the right combination that works with the particular design style of the room.

Which cabinet pulls are best?

When choosing the best cabinet pulls, it is important to consider both style and function. Whether you are looking for modern, industrial, farmhouse, or contemporary pulls, there are many options available.

When it comes to functionality, the shape and size of the pull will determine how comfortable the pull is to use – for instance, a round knob is typically better for smaller cabinets, while longer and more varied options may be better for larger cabinets.

Additionally, opt for pulls made from heavier materials that can stand up to regular use, such as zinc or brass. Finishes also play a part in the overall design, from sleek chrome to darker, vintage options made from cast iron.

It is important to take the time to examine all the available choices before making a final decision; this will ensure you get the best cabinet pulls for your space.