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How many slices are in a California Pizza Kitchen pizza?

The number of slices in a California Pizza Kitchen pizza depends on the size of the pizza. The small size is an individual sized 10″ pizza with four slices, while the medium size is an 11″ pizza with six slices, and the large size is a 14″ pizza with eight slices.

The Cali Collection pizzas (Mama’s Mushroom, Pear & Gorgonzola, and Apple Bacon Chicken) each come in a three-slice size and the service for one size is recommended for two people.

How many people does a CPK pizza feed?

CPK pizzas can feed between 2 – 4 people depending on the size of the pizza you order. Small pizzas, between 10 – 12 inches across, feed 2 people and typically cost between $11 – $13. Medium pizzas, between 14 – 16 inches across, feed between 3 – 4 people and typically cost between $16 – $19.

Large pizzas, between 18 – 20 inches across, feed between 5 – 6 people and typically cost between $20 – $24. Ordering an assortment of sizes and toppings is an economical way to feed larger groups, with the added fun of sharing a variety of different flavors.

How many calories is one slice of CPK pizza?

The number of calories in one slice of CPK pizza varies depending on the type of pizza ordered. For example, the White Peach & Prosciutto pizza contains 370 calories per slice, while the Hearty Veggie pizza contains 250 calories per slice.

Additionally, each pizza can be customized with additional toppings, which would affect the calorie count. For example, adding double pepperoni to a Hearty Veggie pizza would increase the number of calories per slice to 298.

In general, however, a classic pizza slice at CPK will range from 250-450 calories.

How many pizzas will feed 50 kids?

It depends on the size of the pizzas and the age of the children. Generally, one large pizza will comfortably feed 6-8 people so for 50 children, it would be necessary to order at least 6-7 large pizzas.

However, if the children are younger and have smaller appetites, perhaps 3-4 large pizzas would cover it. Additionally, if the children are older and have larger appetites, then it would be beneficial to order more pizzas.

It is also important to remember that each pizza typically comes with 8 slices, so if the kids only eat one or two slices each, then more pizzas may be necessary.

How much pizza do I need for 20 adults?

It depends on the size of the pizzas you are purchasing, as well as how much your guests are likely to eat. For general calculations, it is generally advised to order 1 large pizza per every 4-5 guests.

This means that you would need to purchase 4-5 large pizzas (or 8-10 smaller sized pizzas) to feed a group of 20 adults. However, if your guests are likely to have large appetites, it would be wise to order an extra pizza or two to ensure that there is enough food to go around.

How big is a kids CPK pizza?

At California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), kids meals come with individual-sized pizzas that are approximately 6 inches in diameter. Each Kids CPK pizza is the perfect size for one kid, or can be split between a few to serve as a snack or quick lunch.

The Kids CPK pizzas are made fresh with only quality ingredients, including whole milk mozzarella and toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms and fresh basil. The crust comes in your choice of hand-tossed or thin, and both are a great way for kids to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.

Is 11 inch pizza a small?

It really depends on the type of pizza you are eating and the size you are used to ordering. Generally speaking, an 11 inch pizza is considered a personal size or small pizza. It will usually serve 1-2 people.

An 11 inch diameter pizza is a typical size for delivery pizzas. In some cases, it can feed up to 3 people if you are just having a small slice each. If you’re used to eating larger pizzas, such as 14 inches, then an 11 inch is likely to be considered a small.

Is 7 inches small pizza?

No, 7 inches is not a particularly small pizza size. It is about the same size as a personal pizza or a small pizza from popular delivery chains like Pizza Hut and Domino’s – both of which are considered standard sizes.

If you are looking for an even smaller size, you could consider a mini pizza which is usually around 5-6 inches. However, a 7 inch pizza is a good size for an individual serving, and it can easily be shared between two people.

How big are the pizzas from CPK?

The pizzas from CPK come in three different sizes: personal size (6”), small (11”), and large (14”). The personal size is perfect for just one person while the small and large sizes have enough to share.

Personal size pizzas generally have 4 slices, small pizzas usually have 6 slices, and large pizzas usually have 8 slices. The number of slices may vary depending on the pizza toppings. The thickness of the crust also vary, ranging from thin and crispy to deep dish, all of which can be ordered in the three different sizes.

All of the pizzas are made using high quality ingredients, ensuring a delicious meal each time.

What is family size in pizza?

Family size pizzas typically refer to large pizzas that can feed an entire family. Depending on the restaurant, the size of these pizzas can vary from 12 to 24 inches in diameter. One 12-inch pizza usually serves two to three people, while a 24-inch pizza can provide enough food for about 8–10 people.

These pizzas typically offer a variety of toppings, and often come with multiple slices so that everyone in the family can get their own favorite toppings. Additionally, family size pizzas are often more economical than ordering several individual pizzas, as they offer more food for a similar price.

Can a 12-inch pizza feed 2 people?

The answer depends on a few variables such as how hungry the two people are, the size of the slices, and the toppings involved. Generally, a 12-inch pizza is enough to feed two people if they’re moderately hungry or if the pizza is cut into larger slices.

However, if the two people are extra-hungry and/or the pizza is cut into smaller slices, a 12-inch pizza may not be enough and an additional pizza may be necessary. Additionally, if the pizza contains a lot of heavy toppings such as meat and extra cheese, it will likely be more filling and thus more suitable for two people.

Therefore, while a 12-inch pizza could feed two people, it will largely depend on the variables listed above.

What is special about California Pizza Kitchen?

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a popular pizza chain that is known for its innovative menu items and creative flavor combinations. CPK is committed to providing guests with high-quality, great-tasting and handcrafted food inspired by California and the world.

CPK’s menu includes over 25 pizza varieties, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as a range of appetizers, salads, pastas, unique sandwiches and desserts, all made with fresh, high quality ingredients.

Additionally, CPK has a selection of craft beers, wines, and cocktails for guests to enjoy. For those looking for healthy alternatives, CPK offers a selection of PowerFit Pizzas, salads and other entrées.

CPK prides itself on providing guests with exceptional hospitality, flexible and diverse menu selections, ingredient transparency and a commitment to sustainability. Plus, with locations across the United States, CPK is a convenient option for pizza lovers.

All in all, California Pizza Kitchen is the perfect place to go for amazing hospitality, delicious food, creative combinations, and great drinks.

Is California known for pizza?

Yes, California is known for its pizza. From thick-crust, Sicilian-style deep dish and the iconic California spin on classic Neapolitan to the namesake California-style pizza, this state has become one of the top pizza destinations in the U.

S. California-style pizza is unlike any other, featuring thin and crispy or thicker and chewy crust, loaded with fresh and creative toppings, and a generous amount of cheese. Different parts of California also have their own unique spins on pizza.

Northern California is known for craft sourdough and bay-style pizzas, topped with a variety of local produce, while Los Angeles is praised for its classic and gourmet-style pizzas. Other California cities, such as San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego, also offer some delicious takes on the classic Italian dish.

All in all, California has become a leader in the American pizza industry and is definitely known for creating some of the most delicious pizzas.

Does California Pizza Kitchen give complimentary bread?

Yes, California Pizza Kitchen does offer complimentary bread along with their lunch and dinner menus. The bread is served warm and the classic version is a combination of sour cream, garlic, cheese and herbs.

Most locations also offer different varieties such as jalapeno cornbread and roasted garlic, which may be swapped out as desired. The bread is provided as part of the table service experience, so guests can take their time and enjoy the complimentary loaf.

In some cases, additional bread can be ordered like any other item off the menu.

What is the number 1 pizza in America?

The number 1 pizza in America is a subjective question, as everyone has different opinions. However, two staples of American pizza culture, thin crust and deep dish, enjoyed and appreciated in many of the nation’s most popular pizzerias, have stood out as the best of the best.

For thin crust pizza, the top choice is usually Napoletana from New York City’s Di Fara Pizza. This thin-crusted pizza with hand-selected ingredients and a sauce made from fresh tomatoes is considered one of the most perfect pizzas in the United States.

On the other hand, the deep-dish pizza from Chicago’s Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is often regarded as the best, featuring a buttery, flaky crust and tangy tomato sauce that have been the staples of the restaurant since 1971.

With the various companies and cities all claiming to offer the number one pizza in America, there is no definitive answer to this question. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which pizza is the best according to their own personal preference.