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Is understandable a real word?

Yes, understandable is a real word. It is an adjective that means “able to be understood. ” It can be used in various combinations and contexts: someone’s story was completely understandable, the instructions were not understandable, or the meaning is understandable.

In general, its usage suggests that something is easily grasped and understood by the listener or reader.

Is it correct to say understandable?

Yes, you can use the word “understandable” to describe something that is easy to comprehend or make sense of. For example, if someone is giving you detailed instructions that make sense, you could say that the instructions are “understandable.

” It is also commonly used to refer to feelings and emotions, such as understanding how someone else is feeling. For example, if someone is acting sad and you understand why they are feeling that way, you can say that you find it “understandable.


What can I say instead of understandable?

Depending on the context, some alternative phrases that could be used in place of “understandable” include “comprehensible”, “logical”, “rational”, “sensible”, “reasonable”, “coherent”, “intelligible”, “graspable”, “clear”, “plain”, or “recognizable”.

What is the difference between understanding and understandable?

Understanding and understandable are two words that are often confused. Understanding is the ability to comprehend an idea or concept and make sense of it. It requires an active engagement with the material, thought, or concept being studied.

Understanding can involve deep reflection and questioning of the material, and it can lead to further exploration and comprehension.

Understandable, on the other hand, is a more passive experience. It means that something can easily be comprehended, without the need for much effort. It often means that something is clear and easy to understand without having to go deeply into it.

Understandable does not typically involve deep reflection or thought, but rather a surface level understanding of the material.

What does it mean when someone says understandable?

When someone says “understandable,” they are usually indicating that they are able to comprehend the situation or concept at hand. It is a way of saying that they can comprehend or grasp the meaning or implication of something.

It can also be used as an acknowledgment of an explanation or an agreement to an idea. For instance, someone may say, “That makes perfect sense. Understandable. ” In this case, they are acknowledging the explanation or idea and indicating that they understand it.

How do you use understandable?

Understandable is a word used to describe something that can be readily understood or comprehended. For example, if something is written in simple and clear language such that people can quickly grasp the meaning, then it can be described as understandable.

It is also used to talk about people’s reactions to certain topics, with an understanding that they can comprehend the implications or outcomes.

In daily conversation, it is often used to express agreement and agreement that something can be followed. For example, “I understand that we need to stick to the plan. ” It also can be used to express sympathy to someone who is faced with a difficult situation they may not fully understand.

In the workplace, understandable is useful when presenting information to colleagues, or in a presentation or other type of communication. By using understandable language and keeping concepts and ideas simple, you can ensure that those receiving the information clearly comprehend what is being said.

This way, everyone will be able to move forward in meeting desired outcomes.

In academic writing, understandable can be used to describe written material that is easy to comprehend and follow. Generally, this means using language that is clear and free from jargon. It also means avoiding long, complex sentences and using visual aids whenever necessary to help explain concepts that may be harder to grasp.

Finally, understandable can be used to describe one’s emotions and reactions to certain situations or events. This can include things like acceptance of a new idea or perspective, or simply to show understanding of someone else’s feelings.

Overall, understandable is a versatile word that can be used to express different feelings and reactions, as well as ensure that everyone understands the concepts and ideas being communicated.

What is a good word for understand?

Comprehend is a good word for understanding. It means to grasp the meaning, nature, or importance of something. Comprehend can also mean to perceive something mentally, and to include or affect something.

Comprehension is the ability to understand something clearly and completely; it involves cognitive skills that are necessary to process, analyze and make sense of information.

How do you say no in a smart way?

Saying “no” in a smart way often involves being honest and confident while also being respectful. If you’re dealing with a situation where you are uncomfortable saying “no,” then it can be helpful to pause and think about your response before responding.

You can also start by thanking the other person for giving you the opportunity, and then explain why you cannot say “yes. ” For example, you could say, “Thank you for giving me the chance to consider this opportunity.

I appreciate your offer, but I am unable to accept it at this time. ” An honest, polite response such as this can help to express your message without coming across as harsh or ungrateful. Additionally, if you are worried about potentially damaging the relationship, you can explain that you may be able to do more in the future, as long as it works with your schedule.

No matter how you decide to say “no,” it is always important to offer an explanation and have a respectful attitude.

What’s that word when you finally realize something?

The word you are looking for is “epiphany”. An epiphany is an enlightening moment when an idea or realization suddenly strikes you, giving you a new perspective or a better understanding of something.

It is often described as a powerful, life-changing discovery or realization that often happens unexpectedly, and often in a single sudden moment. For instance, someone who has experienced an epiphany may feel a sense of clarity and insight after understanding a complex problem or situation in an entirely new way.

What is an understandable person?

An understandable person is someone who is open to hearing an understanding the perspectives, feelings, and beliefs of others. They take time to listen and really process what is being said instead of forming an opinion before hearing the full story.

They are able to empathize with others, even if they do not share the same beliefs or experiences. They also have a great capacity to compromise and come to an agreement that works for both parties. Lastly, they are patient and willing to take the time to explain things until it can be understood.

What is the key to understanding someone?

The key to understanding someone lies in active listening and open communication. Developing a deeper level of understanding requires an active commitment to being present and attentive to both verbal and nonverbal cues.

Through active listening you can practice responding thoughtfully, gathering the facts and finding meaning in what is said and not said. Good communication also entails mutual understanding, the ability to express yourself in a way that invites dialogue, debate and understanding.

By engaging in understanding and empathy l, you are able to build bridges, foster relationships and ultimately create understanding. Addressing your differences in a respectful way is also essential; this includes respect and understanding of cultural and religious beliefs as they may not always be in alignment.

Ultimately, the key to understanding someone involves combining open and honest communication, empathy and active listening.

What makes people understand each other?

People understand each other when they can look past their differences and find common ground. This could be feeling a shared emotion, having similar values, or having the same experience in life. It’s important to an open mind, be willing to learn from one another, be willing to compromise and find solutions, and be willing to communicate directly.

Good communication is key to understanding each other because it allows people to really listen to one another, which can help them understand the other person’s point of view. When people make an effort to understand each other, respect differences, and talk through issues without judgment, it helps a relationship to grow and can make it easier to trust each other in the long run.