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What decoration can I put on top of my fridge?

There are lots of options for decorating the top of your fridge! Some popular ideas include mini plants or cactuses (which can help purify the air while looking stylish), framed artwork or family photos, vintage-inspired objects and figurines, or even just a cute bowl or jar filled with ornaments.

If kitchen storage is an issue, you could also use the top of the fridge to store things like cookbooks and cooking utensils. For something a little more fun and whimsical, consider adding a chalkboard, menu board, or a decorative clock to the top of your fridge.

To make sure your decoration doesn’t end up dusty, use magnets or a shelf/ledge to keep your items away from the direct airflow of the fridge. Whatever decoration you choose, make sure it works with the look of your kitchen and the other objects in it – that way, it will have a cohesive and stylish look.

What looks good on top of a fridge?

A microwave can look good on top of a fridge, as long as it is not too heavy for the fridge. A clock or picture frame can also help to make the room look more attractive and homey. Having a coffee maker or some other decorative item on top of the fridge can be useful and can add a personal touch to the room.

If you have kitchen items or dishes that are used frequently, you can store them on top of the fridge for easy access. A small decorative shelf or rack might also be a nice touch. It can be used to store spices, seasonings, kitchen utensils, or cookbooks.

Make sure to take the fridge’s weight into consideration when placing any items on top of it. If you are unsure, it’s best to ask a professional before attempting to place anything on the fridge.

Can you put things on top of refrigerator?

Yes, you can put things on top of a refrigerator. Many people store cookbooks, large appliances, utensils, and other items on top of the refrigerator. However, it is important to consider weight limits to ensure the refrigerator does not become damaged.

It is also beneficial to make sure there is adequate gap between the refrigerator and items for airflow and ventilation.

What do you put over a fridge?

The most common thing to put over a fridge is a cabinet. It can be a single or double door cabinet or a combination of shelf and cabinet. The cabinet can be any style, custom or pre-made. By putting a cabinet over the fridge it can help give you more storage space, hide the fridge and can even add to the overall look of the kitchen.

It can also be used to store food if desired. Other options include putting decorative wall art over the fridge, hanging a mirror, or putting one of those decorative magnetic boards to hold recipe cards and other reminders.

How can I decorate my refrigerator?

Decorating your refrigerator can be a fun and creative way to add some personality to your kitchen space. There are a few different approaches to consider:

1. Magnetic décor. You can purchase a wide range of decorative magnets, from images of iconic landmarks to quotes or funny jokes. These magnets can add some fun and color to your kitchen and can quickly be rearranged to match your current tastes.

2. Chalkboard paint. Paint the outside of your refrigerator with chalkboard paint and you will be able to easily erase and draw whatever you’d like on a regular basis, or simply write notes or jot down grocery list items.

3. Photo holders. Hang photo holders with pictures of your family or favorite places around your refrigerator. You can mix and match the photo holders themselves to find the perfect look for your kitchen, and you can switch out photos anytime.

4. Decal decals. This approach is much like the magnetic décor, but instead of magnets, you can use stickers, decals, or even letter tags to spell out a word or message. Similarly to the magnetic décor, this can easily be rearranged according to your interests.

By utilizing these ideas, you can easily transform your refrigerator from a boring kitchen appliance to a personalized piece of home décor.

What can I put over my fridge instead of cabinets?

One option for covering the area over your fridge instead of having cabinets or shelves is to hang wall art. To make the area look nicer, you may want to hang a grouping of several pieces together in order to create a visually pleasing arrangement.

It’s important to make sure that whatever pieces you choose are the correct size for the space and that the frames are hung at the same height. Additionally, make sure the wall art is hung securely and use appropriate equipment if necessary to properly adhere the art to your wall.

There are tons of different options for art and décor, so you can choose something that compliments your style and brings a pleasant aesthetic to your kitchen space. You may also add some smaller décor items to the shelf or ledge above the fridge, such as decorative jars, trinkets, or a small plant.

Can you put peel and stick wallpaper on fridge?

Yes, you can put peel and stick wallpaper on a fridge. Peel and stick wallpaperis great for quickly and easily adding a unique and stylish touch to your fridge. This type of wallpaper is made of a durable, self-adhesive vinyl material, making it the perfect choice for covering and refreshing this hard-to-reach appliance.

It’s also easy to remove and replace, so you can switch up the look without too much trouble. Before putting the wallpaper on, make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the fridge surface and measure the wallpaper to get the right fit.

Peel off the backing paper and carefully adhere it to the fridge surface, using a wallpaper smoother to get a professional finish and remove any air bubbles. That’s it; you now have a beautiful, personalized fridge with minimal effort involved.

Do and don’ts in using refrigerator?


• Keep the refrigerator temperature at or below 40°F to ensure food safety.

• Use airtight containers or sealed plastic bags to keep bacteria out and help foods stay fresh.

• Store food in the fridge as soon as possible after buying or preparing.

• Regularly check the expiration dates of food stored inside the fridge and discard as necessary.

• Clean the refrigerator regularly to prevent bacteria growth.

• Keep meats, dairy and eggs in the bottom of the fridge to prevent contamination of other foods.

• Place food on the top shelf of the fridge where it is cooler and will keep longer.

• Check the door seals and hinges regularly to ensure that no warm air is entering the fridge.


• Don’t overcrowd the refrigerator with too much food as it can hinder proper air circulation.

• Avoid leaving the fridge door open for long periods of time as this will increase energy consumption.

• Don’t store food directly on the cooling element in the fridge as it can cause the food to spoil quickly.

• Don’t store food items that require different temperatures together as this can affect the quality of the food.

• Don’t leave food out of the refrigerator for too long as it can spoil quickly.

• Don’t keep cooked and uncooked foods in the same container as this can cause cross-contamination.

• Don’t place hot foods into the refrigerator as this can raise the internal temperature and cause food to spoil quickly.

Is it OK to put a microwave on top of a fridge?

The short answer is: no, it is not recommended to put a microwave on top of a fridge. While this may be a seemingly convenient spot for the appliance, there are several potential risks associated with this configuration, including potential fire hazards, damage to the refrigerator, and damage to the microwave.

In addition to the fact that a microwave on top of a fridge may be too tall to fit in the average kitchen, there are significant safety concerns. For example, having a microwave on top of a fridge may contribute to overheating of the fridge due to the extra heat produced by the microwave.

This may cause damage to the fridge, or even lead to a fire. Additionally, a microwave on top of a fridge can cause the fridge to vibrate and move, which might lead to the appliance being knocked off, potentially causing damage and posing safety risks.

In general, it is a better idea to place the microwave and fridge in separate spaces to avoid potential risks. If you must place one appliance on top of the other, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Make sure the fridge and microwave are balanced and stable, and that there is enough space around the appliances for ventilation. Additionally, keep the door of the microwave open when it is not in use to allow heat to escape, and make sure the fridge door is closed to avoid it from being overworked.

What should never be put in the refrigerator while it is hot?

It is always important to remember to not put anything in the refrigerator while it is hot because it can raise the temperature of all other items and cause them to spoil more quickly. This includes items that have just come out of the oven, are still steaming, or have been sitting at room temperature.

This can especially be concerning with items that are pre-cooked, which can have bacteria that can grow and spread into the refrigerator if stored while still hot. In order to prevent bacterial growth, it is important to allow any newly cooked food to fully cool before putting it in the refrigerator.

If you are pressed for time, you can put the food in the freezer instead, this will cool it down more quickly and reduce the buildup of bacteria. Additionally, it is important to remember that even if you are putting something in the refrigerator that was already cold, it still has the potential to warm up everything else in the refrigerator if it is placed in there too warm.

This is true for any food, not just cooked items. Therefore, when placing items that are already chilled in the refrigerator, you should always make sure they are not too warm.

Why do we put cereal on top of the refrigerator?

We put cereal on top of the refrigerator because it is a great way to keep the cereal boxes organized and out of the way. Having the cereal boxes on top of the fridge also allows for easy access when you’re looking for breakfast in the morning.

The cereal boxes can stay within reach on the top of the fridge but out of sight, so it can save countertop space in a smaller kitchen. Additionally, the top of the refrigerator allows the cereal to stay fresh and dry, and avoid any spills from happening.

Can you decorate your fridge?

Yes, you can certainly decorate your fridge! There are a variety of ways to do it, including magnets, removable wallpaper, and fridge wraps. Magnets are fun and can provide instant pops of color, fun shapes, and even pictures of your family or favorite celebrities.

Removable wallpaper is great for a more permanent option that still allows you to switch it up. Fridge wraps are essentially large stickers that can completely cover the outside of your fridge and give it a unique look.

No matter which approach you choose, you can have fun sprucing up your fridge and adding a bit of your own style to your kitchen.

Is it warmer in the top of the fridge?

No, it is not typically warmer in the top of the fridge. Heat rises, so the top of the fridge may be slightly warmer than the bottom, but it should be only a few degrees difference. Refrigerators are designed to be kept cool, so the temperature inside the fridge should remain even and regulated regardless of where you place your food.

That said, you may experience some variation in temperature if your fridge is not properly sealed or cooled, and if food is not stored correctly. For best results, make sure that all food is stored according to refrigeration guidelines, and do not leave the fridge door open too long when retrieving food, to keep the temperature even.

Why should you never stand in front of a microwave?

Standing in front of a microwave is discouraged as microwaves emit radiation that is highly dangerous for your body. The radiation emitted by microwaves can be easily absorbed by the human body and long-term exposure have been linked to various health risks.

Not only can the radiation cause damage to your skin, you can also experience other health problems such as nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Furthermore, the radiation emitted by microwaves can even cause damage to your internal organs.

Therefore, it is important to stay away from a microwave while it is in use to ensure you are not exposing yourself to radiation.

What should go in top of freezer?

The freezer is usually the coldest part of the refrigerator, so you’ll want to fill it with items that need to stay cold and fresh. This can include meats, poultry, seafood, frozen fruits and vegetables, ice cream, ice cubes, and ice packs.

Remember to keep the items sealed or wrapped in airtight containers so they don’t dry out or absorb the flavors of other food nearby. As with any refrigerator, it’s important to keep an accurate and up-to-date inventory so you know what’s stored in each area.