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What does Geekin mean in Baltimore?

In Baltimore, the term “geekin” is used to describe the act of being really excited about something or being enthusiastic. It’s often used as a way of expressing approval or enthusiasm for a person, event, activity, or thing – usually related to hip-hop music or culture.

Generally, when someone is “geekin” they are probably getting down and having a good time. It can also be used to describe someone who is a big fan or supporter of something. Additionally, some people might also use the term “geekin” to describe someone who is looking very fashionable and fashionable.

How do natives say Baltimore?

Baltimore is pronounced differently by natives depending on their background. Those from the Mid-Atlantic states usually pronounce it with a soft “a” sound, with an emphasis on the first syllable, so it sounds like “bahl-tuh-more.

” Those from other regions of the United States—such as the southern United States—may sometimes pronounce it with a hard “a” sound instead (e. g. “bahl-timm-ore”). It may also be pronounced with a strong emphasis on the second syllable by some.

It is important to note that whatever pronunciation is used, it can be inferred that the word Baltimore is being referenced, regardless of the way one pronounces it.

What does calling someone dummy mean?

Calling someone “dummy” is generally used as an insult implying that the person being referred to is unintelligent or slow to understand. It is considered rude and disrespectful, and is not a term of endearment.

In some cases, it may also suggest someone is naïve or easily fooled. Additionally, when used in a sarcastic tone, dummy can be used to express disbelief or frustration.

What does it mean when someone calls me dummy?

When someone calls you a “dummy,” it is meant as an insult and is typically used to indicate that you are not intelligent or that you lack common sense. It is an offensive way of calling someone stupid or ignorant, and is not to be taken lightly.

It is important to remember that derogatory terms such as this should not be used in any situation – it is not only hurtful and disrespectful, but can also have a lasting impact on one’s self-esteem.

Additionally, it is important to remember that intelligence comes in many forms – what someone may consider to be a lack of intelligence or common sense could merely be a different way of looking at or solving a problem.

Does geeked mean excited?

The term “geeked” is often associated with being excited and is most commonly used to describe someone’s enthusiasm in regard to a particular subject or interest. It can also describe an individual who holds an extreme interest in a specific topic or field and has been described as a more intense version of being “excited”.

For example, one might say “I’m so geeked to finish this project!” to express their enthusiasm for the task.

Does geeking mean laugh?

No, geeking does not mean laugh. Geeking is an informal term used to describe an enthusiasm or knowledgeable interest in things that involve technology, particularly computers and the internet. People who get excited and enthusiastic over technology are often referred to as geeks.

Geek culture includes many interests that don’t necessarily involve technology, such as comic books, board games, and popular culture. Geeks often have an intense and knowledgeable interest in these topics.

They often have an infectious enthusiasm and enjoy spending time discussing these interests with friends and colleagues.

What is another word for geeked?

The word “geeked” does not have a single, universally-accepted synonym. However, it is commonly used to describe a state of high enthusiasm or excitement. Some words that could be used to express this same sentiment include elated, thrilled, ecstatic, and excited.

What’s a stoner slang?

Stoner slang is casual slang language used by recreational marijuana users and cannabis enthusiasts to relate to one another and talk about cannabis use. It usually consists of words, phrases, and euphemisms that are related to marijuana or cannabis culture.

Common stoner slang words include 420 (the traditional time of day to consume cannabis), “blunt” (a cigar filled with marijuana), “dank” (a high-quality form of marijuana), and “dabbing” (the practice of taking a cannabis concentrate orally).

Additionally, cannabis users tend to use common abbreviations—such as “mj” for “marijuana” and “edibles” for “foods infused with marijuana”—as part of the stoner vernacular. In addition to stoner slang, cannabis users often utilize references to cannabis culture in their conversations.

This includes making comparisons and attaching meaning to certain cannabis strains, popularizing certain rituals associated with marijuana use, and giving nicknames to certain celebrities/influencers who either publicly show their support for marijuana or are identified with particular cannabis strains.

Where did the term geeked come from?

The term “geeked” has become a popular slang term in recent years and is often used to describe someone who is very passionate or enthusiastic about something. It is believed to have originated in early 21st century hip hop culture, and has become an integral part of many youth cultures around the world.

The exact origin of the term is not certain, but some believe it was first used in reference to the popular video game “World of Warcraft”, which many fans were extremely enthusiastic about. Others believe that the term was derived from the popular phrase “geek out” which implies intense excitement or enthusiasm around a certain activity or idea.

No matter where the term came from, it has become a popular and widely used expression amongst youth cultures, specifically in the world of hip hop and rap. It is used to express intense enthusiasm and is often used to describe someone who is incredibly passionate and excited about something.

What is smoking slang for?

Smoking slang refers to a collection of terms and expressions commonly used by those who take part in smoking, particularly those who partake in tobacco use. Commonly used terms might include “puffing,” “hitting,” “blowing,” and “vibing,” which all refer to the act of smoking.

Additionally, many cigarettes have their own specific slang terms associated with them, such as “slims” for a skinny cigarette, “fatties” for a wider cigarette, and “doobies” for a marijuana cigarette.

Slang words and phrases are often combined to make longer expressions to describe a variety of smoking scenarios, such as the phrase “puffing the maestro,” which describes someone who is trying to showcase their smoking mastery.

What is the meaning of tweaking?

Tweaking is a term that is used to describe the process of making fine adjustments or modifications to a system or program. It often involves making slight changes to existing settings or configurations to improve performance, accuracy, or output.

For example, a programmer might tweak the code of a computer program to make it faster or more reliable. A network administrator might tweak the settings of a computer network to make it more secure or to improve its speed and performance.

Generally speaking, tweaking is used to make small adjustments to a system or program in order to optimize its function and make it better suited to a particular purpose.

What is getting geeked?

Getting Geeked is an slang phrase used to describe the feeling of excitement or anticipation that one gets when looking forward to a certain event or activity. It generally refers to a person being eager to take part in something that they find interesting or that is of great importance to them.

This could be anything from attending a science-fiction convention to studying for an upcoming exam. Getting Geeked can also be used to express enjoyment or enthusiasm for a particular topic; for example, getting Geeked about the latest season of a beloved TV series.

It is a positive expression of enthusiasm and can be associated with feeling passionate about something as well as having a heightened level of engagement and curiosity.

What does it mean to be stoned by someone?

Being “stoned” by someone means to be overwhelmed or overpowered by their words, actions, or presence. It can describe a situation when someone feels completely out of control and unable to respond. It can also refer to being punished or reprimanded, often in a way that is severe or overly harsh.

In this context, “stoned” refers to being completely shut down or shut out by the other person’s behavior or attitude. With the latter definition, being “stoned” can have a negative connotation, since there is a sense that the person being reprimanded is undeserving or has suffered an unjust punishment.

Is it better to be a nerd or geek?

It’s difficult to say whether it’s better to be a nerd or geek, as it mostly comes down to individual preference. Each has their fair share of advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to evaluate which fits you the best.

Nerds are typically associated with intelligence, since they focus heavily on academics. As a nerd, you may gain a great deal of knowledge and develop good study habits. However, being considered a nerd can make it difficult to connect with other people and be accepted socially.

Geeks are associated with passion and enthusiasm, particularly in a specific hobby. As a geek, you become an expert in your field and can get lost in your passion. However, being a geek can be seen as being overly obsessed with a hobby and can be isolating in a social context.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which path is best for you. Especially in today’s world, being a nerd or geek doesn’t have to mean being socially excluded. It simply means that you choose to focus your energy on a particular area of interest, which can provide both knowledge and satisfaction.

Is geek a derogatory term?

No, the term geek is not a derogatory term. In modern culture, the term geek is more often used to refer to people with a deep passion and knowledge for a particular topic or activity, such as video games, technology, comics, anime, etc.

This label is generally seen as a badge of honor and is a sign of respect to those who have achieved an impressive level of expertise in their chosen field. Geek culture is often celebrated in pop culture, such as in the show The Big Bang Theory which is centered around a group of geeks who share their love of science and technology.

Additionally, various conventions, such as Comic Con and PAX, are held to allow self-proclaimed geeks a place to come together, bond over their interests, and express themselves. It is clear that the term geek has undergone a transformation in its meaning and is no longer considered derogatory.