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What is the scaffolder?

What makes you a tradesman?

A tradesman is someone who has skills in a specific area of work and has the ability to carry out a task to its completion in an efficient and effective manner. To be a tradesman, one must possess both technical and practical knowledge about different crafts, trades, and occupations.

This includes strong knowledge of the materials used in each occupation, safety standards, and appropriate tool usage.

In many cases, tradespeople may be required to have a specific certification or license in order to work in the profession or to access certain areas of work. For example, electricians need to be licensed to work in the electrical industry and plumbers may need to obtain a specific type of license to visit certain areas where water or sewage systems may be present.

Tradespeople are also expected to be able to demonstrate a high level of problem-solving skills, excellent customer service skills, and an ability to effectively communicate. Along with the technical skills, tradespeople should be able to think critically to identify potential challenges or issues and come up with creative solutions.

In summary, becoming a tradesman takes specialized knowledge of specific trades, occupations, and tools, as well as a good set of problem-solving skills, customer service skills, and communication abilities.