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What to Wear to a Picnic? 25 Picnic Outfit Ideas

Picnics are outdoor affairs, so you should probably wear sunscreen and carry bug repellent. Sunglasses and sun hats or baseball caps are good too. But what clothes should you wear? That depends on the weather and the context. Is this a romantic date or a family reunion? Maybe you’re just hanging out with pals, or networking. Let’s see what to wear to a picnic.

What to Wear to a Picnic

1. Kenny Dress in Viola Bloom

Kenny Dress in Viola Bloom

You’ll probably see a lot of pretty flowers at the picnic site, so why not pick an outfit that matches? This feminine floral mini is light enough for humid weather. Pick a color on the dress, then wear Converse sneakers or block heels and accessories in that particular shade.


2. Elegant Picnic Outfits

You want to be comfortable outdoors, and short dresses tend to ride up. So to avoid that awkward gesture as you tug your dress down, wear something long, airy, and flowing, with a floral pattern. Sweetheart and square necklines flatter your cleavage without being risqué.


3. Boho Picnic Outfit

Boho Picnic Outfit

A picnic is a perfect excuse to look girly and show off your softer side. And bohemian dresses are a great way to do that. They tend to have extremes, so it could be a flirty floral thigh-high dress or a grass-sweeping maxi. But they’re always airy, patterned, and feminine.


4. Picnic Date Outfit Ideas | What To Wear On A Picnic Date

If your picnic is more romantic, you want to look soft and sensual. Show off your best assets, and be comfy enough to flirt in the grass. Try this polka dot puffy sleeve crop top with its cheeky front bow. S/he’ll be itching to tug it loose! Pair it with demure white palazzo pants.


5. Princess Polly Shirt and Miniskirt – Madeline Briell

Princess Polly Shirt and Miniskirt - Madeline Briell

Picnic outfits should look like they give easy access, but they shouldn’t accidentally fall off your body and expose you! Tease while providing full coverage. This idea pairs a belly-baring drawstring t-shirt with a mini skirt that has a slit and side buttons. Mission accomplished!


6. New Year Picnic Outfits Ideas For Men 2019

Let’s check out something for the guys. Unbuttoned shirts are great for picnic weather. Plus they can show off a curly chest or sculpted abs, depending on what your partner likes. If you prefer a subtle look, wear a fitting t-shirt under the shirt. Finish the look with rugged jeans.


7. Pink Midi Dress + Heeled Sandals

Pink Midi Dress + Heeled Sandals

Pastels and flowery colors are always great choices when you’re wondering what to wear to a picnic. And sometimes, you want to keep it simple. This pink spaghetti strap midi dress just purrs of picnic chic. Wear it with a woven tote back and strappy-heeled sandals for the grass.


8. Five Feminine Outfits for a Picnic – What to Wear

Even if you dress formally all week or wear androgynous clothes to the office, it can be nice to spend the weekend in a pretty picnic dress. It will show off those sensuous curves that you keep hidden in your work uniform. And this graceful checked dress mimics a picnic blanket.


9. Originals 90’s Low Slung Shorts

Originals 90's Low Slung Shorts

Flirty flowing skirts are nice, but you may get self-conscious if they flutter in the breeze. So if you plan to play in the grass, comfy shorts are safer. Bare as much skin as you can bear, pun intended. Options include cut-offs, booty shorts, hot pants, Daisy Dukes, and tailored shorts.


10. Picnic Outfit Ideas ♡ *Ultimate Picnic Guide*

As Trish says, when you’re deciding what to wear to a picnic, your outfit needs to be safe, so #DIPTCT? Will it expose you if you fall or move unconsciously? #CrissCrossAppleSauce. One good example is this strappy striped jumpsuit since you can (di)splay yourself at pleasure.


11. Vintage Picnic Outfit

Vintage Picnic Outfit

We’re reclaiming #OkayBoomer because we love that 50s chic. Those A-line skirts slim your waist and widen your hip, while a V-neck or sweetheart neckline does wonders for your décolletage. Try these feminine vintage dresses with a string of pearls and a fascinator (hat)!


12. Date/Picnic Outfits Ideas (2021)

Fitted frocks can be feminine and show off your curves. Airy, flowing dresses can be just as womanly, but far more subtle. Get the best of both worlds with high slits or sheer chiffon. The dresses at 1:04 and 1:07 both give a cheeky sneak peek at the skin beneath the fabric.


13. White Polly Midi Dress – S0léne

White Polly Midi Dress – S0léne

Depending on how … playful your picnic date intends to be, you may not necessarily care about #DIPTCT. In which case, go girl! Try this sexy textured picnic dress that gives access from both the top and the bottom. Those cute buttons are quite an appropriate temptation …


14. Summer Beach Outfits For Men

Let’s take another look at the guys, keeping in mind that picnics don’t just happen at the park. If you can stand the sand, the beach is an equally appealing picnic site. Plus a girl can slip a bikini under that cute sundress! And the guys? Easy. Shorts, shirts, and abs. Hello!?!


15. Grassy Gingham Picnic Vibes

Grassy Gingham Picnic Vibes

In some parts of the world, gingham is used for aprons, school uniforms, chef’s scarves … and picnic blankets. So this pretty checked fabric forms a good base when you’re figuring out what to wear to a picnic. This one is short, sweet, and green, with smocking and puff sleeves.


16. What to Wear to a Picnic or Cookout / BBQ | Outfit Ideas – Drusilla Shay

Before we begin, check out Drusilla’s pro tip: watch your perfume! You may love those fruity floral scents … but so do nectar-loving bugs! Think bees, not butterflies. A strappy maxi dress is perfect and is #DIPTCT-friendly. High waists and empire styles will let you feast in peace!


17. Striped Button-Front Pull-On Midi Skirt

Striped Button-Front Pull-On Midi Skirt

If you’re at a picnic, you’re probably going to eat. So you want to look cute without courting indigestion! Go for a high elasticated waist with vertical stripes and front buttons to lengthen your silhouette. Pair it with a plain t-shirt, a button-down shirt, and comfortable sandals.


18. Picnic Outfit Ideas | LookBook – After Hours

Swing dresses and smock dresses are the go-to for picnics. Especially if they have pretty prints and patterns. But flirty cowl-neck cocktail dresses work too – as long as you don’t wear heels. They’ll keep getting stuck in the grass or sand! Wear wedges or blocks instead.


19. Ribbed Kenny Wide Leg Pants Black

Ribbed Kenny Wide Leg Pants Black

Sometimes, you don’t want to be stylish. You just want to grab a t-shirt and sweatpants so you can carelessly stain and stuff your face. But you can still get a dressy version. These pants have wide legs and an elastic waist, while the top has cute cut-outs at the shoulders and back.


20. Twenty Casual Spring Picnic Outfits 💐 + Styling Hacks 2021

If you’re a casual sneakers kind of girl, you may struggle as you think about what to wear to a picnic. Here are 20 ideas you can play with, from a one-shoulder ribbed top with straight-leg pants to a floral maxi skirt with a knitted cardigan. There’s even a gingham skort in this mix!


21. Pretty Little Tomboy – Vitaliia

Pretty Little Tomboy – Vitaliia

For the girl that really can’t be bothered …or the days when you want a frumpy curated look, just grab your favorite beanie or bucket hat, pull on a sweatshirt, and wear some old shorts. Curved-hem sweat shorts or yoga pants are great if you plan on playing volleyball or twister.


22. Six Essential Picnic Outfits – GirlStyle

You don’t need smocking and puff sleeves to get that airy picnic feeling. Flutter sleeves and ruching can work too. You can also use lettuce hems, ruffles, and tassels for some feminine flair. As for prints – florals, polka dots, and gingham are all great but play with stripes too.


23. Peplum Perfection Plucky Gingham – Sarah Butler

Peplum Perfection Plucky Gingham – Sarah Butler

Peplum is a cut that flatters many figures because it cinches your waist and widens your hips, creating an hourglass silhouette. But it’s a formal cut, so if you want to dress it down for a picnic, try this peplum dress in sunny yellow gingham with a high slit and asymmetric hem.


24. Ten Key Summer Essentials for Every Guy | Men’s Fashion| David Guison

For most guys, a stylish summer wardrobe will give you endless options for picnic outfits, so that’s a good place to start. Boating outfits can work for playful picnics too since they’re good for hot sun, salty waves, and vigorous sailing activities (e.g. working the rigging ropes).


25. Halter Top and Statement Skirt – Caroline Ripa

Halter Top and Statement Skirt – Caroline Ripa

We’ve established that free-flowing maxi dresses are a picnic staple. But what if you prefer to break your outfit? Maxi skirts with pretty tops are an option. And you can pair that long skirt with a knotted t-shirt, peasant blouse, halter top, or bustier. These pastel pleats are perfect.


As a general rule, go for shorts, florals, flared pants, flowing dresses, rompers, and patterns. What did you wear at the last picnic you attended? Show us your fit check in the comments!