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What word means less than?

The word that means less than is “fewer”, which is often used when referring to things that can be counted, and is the opposite of “more”. For example, you would say “I have fewer books this year” rather than “I have less books this year”.

However, when referring to something that cannot be counted, “less” is used, such as “I have less time to read”.

How do you use no less than?

No less than is typically used in situations where an exact amount is expected or required. For example, if you are asked to use no less than five coins, this means that you cannot use fewer than five coins.

Similarly, when it comes to time, if someone asks you to arrive no later than 7 PM, this means you must arrive no later than 7 PM and not a minute later. It is also sometimes used in formal writing when referring to a particular size or quantity.

For instance, if you are writing that a lake is no less than 25 acres, this means the lake is at least 25 acres in size, but could be greater.

What does it mean to say no less?

To say “no less” implies that what has been mentioned before is of great quantity and importance. It indicates that the amount being referred to is significant enough to be worth noting and considering.

It is commonly used to stress the degree to which something is true, or emphasize that something isn’t just a little bit or just averagely important. For instance, “The matter of determining the budget for next year is no less than crucial.

” This sentence implies that the budget for next year is a matter of utmost importance and should be taken seriously.

What does no more less than mean?

No more less than means that the exact number or amount specified cannot be exceeded, and it should not be any less either. In other words, it’s an instruction or directive to limit or quantify something exactly, with no room for any variation.

This term is often used in situations where precision and accuracy are essential. For example, a recipe might require that one teaspoon of a particular ingredient be used and the instructions might say “no more, no less,” meaning that using any more or any less of the specified ingredient would not be ideal.

What is greater than 3 means?

Greater than 3 means anything that is larger in value or amount than the number 3. For example, if you have 4 apples, 4 is greater than 3. If you have 9 apples, 9 is also greater than 3. When comparing numbers, greater than means that the number on the left of the “greater than” sign is bigger than the number on the right.

For example, 4 > 3 would read “4 is greater than 3”.