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What’s Der Kommissar meaning?

Der Kommissar is a song by Austrian singer Falco, released in 1982. The title is an homage to the popular German television show “Der Kommissar”, which was popular in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at the time.

The song was a huge success for Falco, reaching the Top 5 in many European countries and number one in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a police inspector from a small town who catches criminals and then disappears, presumably leaving town.

The song’s chorus includes the refrain “Der Kommissar’s coming, so everything’s all right” and has become a popular catchphrase in Germany and Austria. It is often used in an ironic or humorous way.

What is a kommissar in Germany?

A Kommissar is a law enforcement officer in Germany. Kommissars are usually appointed to a particular city or district by the public prosecutor and serve as the chief investigator into major criminal cases.

They are also responsible for overseeing criminal investigations in the area. In addition, Kommissars may also serve as liaison officers for the public prosecutor’s office and be involved in setting the prosecution’s general policy for a given district.

The position of a Kommissar is traditionally held by an experienced law enforcement officer who has achieved a high level of expertise in criminal investigation and is respected in the field. Kommissars also often take part in professional organizations or committees, helping to shape policy and participating in courses or seminars to stay current in the field.

Is Der Kommissar about drugs?

No, Der Kommissar is not about drugs. Der Kommissar is a song released by Austrian band Falco in 1982. The song is an English-language cover of the German band’s earlier song, “Der Kommissar”. The song was originally written in German and the English translation was done by American producer Rob & Ferdi Bolland.

The song is about a police officer hunting down criminals and helping people. The lyrics tell the story of someone being arrested by the Kommissar and being forced to answer questions. The song is not about drugs and has no relation to them.

Who did Der Kommissar first?

Der Kommissar was first released in October 1982 by Austrian band Falco. The song was originally composed by Austrian producer Robert Ponger and Falco. It was first released as a single and was later re-recorded and released as Falco’s debut album in 1983.

The song is about a police inspector who tries to solve crimes but fails to do so. It became a major hit in Europe, reaching number one in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

The song was later covered by American rock band After the Fire and released on their 1983 album Der Kommissar. It became a top 5 hit in the US, reaching number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The track has been covered by a number of other artists, including The Storys, MC 900 Ft.

Jesus, and the Warren G. & Sissel Kyrkjebø version.

What are cops called in Italy?

In Italy, the formal term for police officers is “Vigili Urbani,” which literally translates to ” Urban Guards. ” This term applies to police officers belonging to both the local and national law enforcement agency, which is more commonly referred to as the “Carabinieri.

” The Carabinieri are responsible for enforcing the law both nationally and on a local level, similar to a police department in the states. The officers are formally attired in a bright blue military-style uniform, which is designed to be highly visible.

In addition to the Vigili Urbani and the Carabinieri, Italy also has specialized police force for certain specific tasks such as protecting Italian cultural heritage sites, preventing drug and smuggling trafficking, or protecting public order.

These specialty police forces are given different titles, depending on the specific duties they perform, such as the “Guardia di Finanza” or the “Polizia di Stato. “.

In casual conversation, police officers in Italy are usually referred to as “Le Forze dell’Ordine,” which translates to “The Forces of Order.”

What rank is Kommissar?

Kommissar is a rank that is above a detective, but below a chief inspector in many law enforcement agencies in Europe. It is also the lowest rank of commissioned officer in gendarmeries, such as the Austrian Gendarmerie, the French Gendarmerie, and the Russian Militsiya.

The rank is fairly rare outside of Europe, however, and it can be roughly equated with a Sergeant Major or a Lieutenant in the United States.

What are the ranks in the German police?

The ranks in the German police vary by region and police force, but typically structure follows a similar pattern. At the top, there is the Police President, or Polizeipräsident, who is the head of the police service and responsible for setting police strategy.

The Police Chief, or Polizeidirektor, is the leader of the police department, assigned by the Police President.

Below this is the Police Commissioner, or Polizeihauptkommissar, who is responsible for day to day operations in a police district or unit. Also, the Deputy Police Chief or Polizeidirektor a. D. works in support of the Police Chief and is responsible for operational management.

Inspectors, or Polizeioberrat, control investigations and also act as a direct superior to police officers. Officers, or Polizeibeamte, are responsible for response patrol and investigations.

Local commanders, or Polizeikommissare, are assigned to towns or regions and act as direct supervisors to officers.

Finally, the Constable or Polizeirevierführer, the lowest rank of police administrator, is responsible for day to day supervision of police officers.

What are German politicians called?

In Germany, politicians are normally referred to as “Politiker. ” This term can refer to politicians from both the executive and legislative branches, as well as any other form of public office. This includes state and federal representatives such as the Chancellor, cabinet ministers, members of the Bundestag, state and regional ministers, the European Parliament, and the various state and regional governments.

German politicians can also have other titles or roles, such as mayors, party chairs, or trade unionists. In German politics, it is also common to refer to a representative or political figure as a “Politikerin,” which is just the feminine form of the word.

Who originally wrote Der Kommissar?

Der Kommissar was originally written by Austrian singer Falco with lyricist Robert Ponger and released in 1981. The song was initially released as a single, but was re-recorded and released in 1982 after it had become a success.

Falco wrote the song as part of an album of European versions of various American and British styles of music, bringing together various different genres including new wave and reggae. The song reached number one spots in many European countries, as well as making it onto the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US.

It was covered by many other artists over the years, including After the Fire, a British rock band, in 1982 and Uncle Kracker in 2003.

Who has Daft Punk sampled?

Daft Punk is known for sampling a wide range of sources for their music. They have pulled from many different genres of music, including funk, rock, jazz, and disco. Some of the songs Daft Punk has sampled include The Brothers Johnson’s “Strawberry Letter 23”, Dayton’s “The Sound of Music”, The Rolling Stones’ “Miss You”, and Eddie Johns’ “More Spell on You”.

They have also used samples from other artists such as Queen, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, Supertramp, and Tears for Fears. Daft Punk has also sampled multiple vintage synthesizers, including Oberheim OBX and the Moog Minimoog, to construct the distinctive sound of their music.

Their work has even been sampled by other artists, including Kanye West and The Weeknd.

Is Spottieottiedopaliscious sampled?

Yes, “Spottieottiedopaliscious” by Outkast is sampled. It samples its bridge from the song “Turning My Heartbeat Up” by The Charisma Band as well as portions of “The Boss” by James Brown. The song also references other James Brown classics like “Funky Drummer”, “The Payback” and “Hot Pants”.

Additionally, there are distinctive synth and rhythm elements taken from Geraldine Hunt’s “Can’t Fake the Feeling”. Finally, the song incorporates sound clips from the movie Wild Style, Spike Lee’s film Malcom X, and the dialogue between a preacher and a congregation from NBC’s The Electric Company.

Is Herr Kommissar good monster legends?

Yes, Herr Kommissar is a good monster in Monster Legends. This Legendary monster is an undead-type attacker with a unique combination of abilities. Herr Kommissar has strong attack stats, a high life total, and a passive skill that increases his health by 50%.

He also has Freeze and Stun attacks, both of which can be powerful when utilized correctly. Additionally, Herr Kommissar comes with a variety of special skills, including Shockwave, an area attack that can cripple all of your opponent’s monsters; Nimble, which increases your stats; Drain Life, an attack that steals health from an opponent; and Aegis, which blocks damage from enemy attacks.

Herr Kommissar is a great choice for any team that needs a strong undead-type monster.

Where is Falco now?

Falco is currently based in North Carolina, USA. He is an established author, public speaker and entrepreneur. He is well-known in the tech world for his work in email marketing automation, artificial intelligence and digital marketing.

He is the co-founder and CEO of the software company Pure Leverage and the author of numerous books, including the best-seller The Entrepreneurial Mind. He is also the host of two podcasts—The Easy PC Show and The Spin Sucks Podcast.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Falco is a frequent speaker at tech-related conferences and industry events. He has also become an outspoken advocate for more responsible AI usage.

Who wrote After the Fire?

After the Fire was written by Will Hill. Will Hill is a British author and former teacher who released After the Fire in 2019. It follows a young girl named Moonbeam who is sent to a strict religious retreat after she is caught kissing a girl at school.

Throughout the course of the novel, she discovers the strength within her and fights to hold onto her true self in the face of immense pressure from her oppressive environment. After the Fire is an exploration of the power of hope and self-determination in the face of oppression, and the importance of standing up for oneself in the face of intolerance.

What song is sampled in WitchBlades?

The song sampled in the song WitchBlades by Gang Starr is called “Kool is Back” by the funk/soul band called Funk, Inc. Released in1972 on the album “Superfunk”, “Kool is Back” is a legendary track that was sampled in numerous hip-hop songs, including Gang Starr’s “WitchBlades”.

The beat was produced by Bob Hummel, who also produced such tracks as “I Gotcha” by Joe Tex and “Funky Stuff” by Kool & The Gang.

Produced by Gang Starr’s Guru, “WitchBlade” was released on their 1994 album, Hard to Earn. The track samples the guitar riff from “Kool is Back”, along with a catchy drum break, which serves as the backing for Gang Starr’s signature rhymes.

“WitchBlade” is an entertaining song that fuses elements of funk and hip-hop for a unique sound.