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Where is FedEx company located in Mexico?

FedEx Mexico is located in the commercial and industrial city of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon in Northern Mexico. The company provides shipping and delivery services to commercial and private customers throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the United States.

FedEx Mexico is part of a global network of more than 400,000 professionals in over 220 countries and territories, who provide worldwide logistics solutions. FedEx Mexico also has offices in Mexico City and Monterrey, with additional service locations in Cancun, Guadalajara, Merida, and Saltillo.

Is there FedEx in Mexico?

Yes, FedEx currently has a presence in Mexico. They offer a range of services for businesses, including national and international express delivery, ground services, and global freight forwarding. FedEx also provides access to their global network with the integrated fax, messaging, and shipping solutions they offer to their customers.

They also have dedicated facilities and delivery stations in several major cities in the country, including Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Puebla. With their widespread availability and customer support, FedEx can help businesses efficiently manage their shipping needs in Mexico.

What are the different FedEx locations?

There are a variety of different FedEx locations available around the world. These can range from retail outlets, airport locations, and more. Retail outlets may vary depending on region, but typically include FedEx Office locations, FedEx World Service Centers, FedEx Ship Centers, and FedEx Authorized Ship Centers.

Airport locations vary depending on the airport and typically include FedEx Express and FedEx Ground locations. Additionally, you may find kiosks and drop boxes in certain areas.

For those that are interested in getting their packages delivered to a nearby FedEx location, FedEx offers the FedEx Hold at Location service. This allows you to pick up your packages at a select FedEx location when it is most convenient for you.

To do this, you can select a participating FedEx location during checkout and have your package sent directly to them.

Finally, for those who would like to mail and ship packages directly from their own home, FedEx offers various shipping options. You can find boxes, labels, and more from the FedEx website and have it quickly shipped out from your home or from any local FedEx Office.

How long does it take for FedEx to deliver to Mexico?

The exact amount of time it takes for FedEx to deliver a package to Mexico is dependent on the shipping option you choose, the origin location, and the destination. It can take anywhere from one day for an Express package to five business days for ground service.

Your estimated delivery time will be displayed during checkout. If you’re having a package delivered to a business address in an urban area, the package will typically arrive within the estimated time frame.

However, packages travelling to rural locations can take up to two days longer.

Is FedEx or UPS better for Mexico?

That really depends on a variety of factors, and it could come down to a personal preference. Generally, both FedEx and UPS provide reliable shipping services to Mexico. They both have a variety of services available to meet the needs of different customers and their shipping needs.

FedEx offers services such as Express, Ground, and Freight services, with Express being their fastest service. Additionally, this carrier has Worldwide Express Freight, which can deliver packages on the next business day.

However, it can be more expensive than other services.

UPS also offers Express, Ground, and Freight services and has the same speed as FedEx. They are also known for having more tracking capabilities, as they offer greater visibility throughout the delivery process.

This is especially helpful if you want to track your package every step of the way.

In terms of cost, UPS is often cheaper than FedEx, so budget-conscious shoppers may prefer this carrier. UPS also has a more widely available presence in Mexico than FedEx, so you may find that this carrier is more accessible in some areas.

Overall, both UPS and FedEx offer reliable, convenient services for shipping to Mexico, so your preference may simply come down to your individual needs, budget, and other factors.

Do FedEx packages go through customs?

Yes, all FedEx packages are subject to customs regulations and may be subject to customs inspections and delays. Every package must be accompanied by a valid commercial invoice with accurate information in order to ensure compliance with customs laws and regulations.

The appropriate customs duties and taxes must be paid prior to the package’s release, and all applicable documents must be submitted. FedEx works closely with customs authorities in each country to provide the fastest and most secure services, while ensuring that all applicable customs laws and regulations are followed.

Is FedEx reliable for international shipping?

FedEx is one of the leading names in international shipping, and they are generally considered to be a reliable service. They offer a wide variety of services, ranging from express mail to freight forwarding and logistics solutions.

FedEx offers extensive tracking and proof of delivery, making them a great choice for customers looking for assurance that their shipments will reach their destination on time. In addition, their rates are generally very competitive, so you’re sure to get a great price on any international shipment.

They also employ advanced technologies to make their operations as efficient as possible, and they take pride in offering excellent customer service. All in all, FedEx is a reliable choice for anyone looking to ship items internationally.

Is FedEx a reliable delivery service?

Yes, FedEx is a very reliable delivery service. They have a strong track record of delivering packages on time and they have a vast network of delivery points around the world that make it possible for them to get even time-sensitive items delivered quickly and safely.

Furthermore, they offer a variety of services so customers can choose what works best for their needs, and their customer service teams are responsive to any queries or issues that may arise. Lastly, FedEx packages are often tracked to ensure they make it to their destination and customers can rest assured that if there are any issues, the shipment will be re-routed and delivered in a timely manner.

Do FedEx have drop off locations?

Yes, FedEx has drop-off locations across the U. S. and around the world. They include FedEx Office locations, FedEx Ship Center locations, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter locations, FedEx Ship Sites at Office Depot and OfficeMax locations, and participating Walgreens and Kroger locations.

FedEx Office locations typically offer a full range of services, including packing and shipping, printing, copying, and sending faxes, scanning documents, and more. You can also rent meeting spaces and other amenities.

FedEx Ship Center locations offer drop-off, packing and shipping services, as well as special services like priority overnight delivery and Saturday delivery.

Meanwhile, at participating Walgreens and Kroger locations, you can drop off FedEx packages for pickup and delivery.

To find the nearest drop-off location, you can use the FedEx locator tool on the company’s website.

Can I drop my FedEx package at USPS?

No, you can’t drop your FedEx package at USPS. USPS and FedEx are two separate companies, and they do not accept each other’s packages. If you want your FedEx package delivered by the USPS, you will need to contact FedEx directly and arrange for a package pickup from them.

Depending on the item, FedEx may even provide you with an envelope and postage that can be used to have the package delivered by USPS. However, if the item is too large for an envelope and needs to be shipped via a parcel service, it will need to be picked up and delivered by the FedEx service.

Where is FedEx required to leave packages?

FedEx typically delivers packages directly to customer doorsteps, but customers can also specify if they’d prefer the package be left at a different location, such as the front porch, side door, or garage.

This can be done through the FedEx Delivery Manager tool. The customer can also add special instructions on the package’s label. Special instructions must be clear and specific to ensure the package is delivered to the desired location.

If the customer has access to Delivery Manager, they can also specify a different address or location for the driver to deliver to, such as a work address, friend or neighbor. FedEx may require adult-signature confirmation for higher value items.

If the customer has access to Delivery Manager, they can also request an alternate proof of delivery option, such as the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number to receive an electronic signature.

Will FedEx pickup if I have a prepaid label?

Yes, FedEx will pickup if you have a prepaid label. This is part of the FedEx pickup service, which enables customers to book an appointment online and have their package collected by FedEx. With prepaid labels, customers can easily attach them to the package before their scheduled pickup.

This is an efficient and secure way to ship items, as it ensures that the package has all the necessary documentation linked to it before it is collected by a FedEx courier. After the pickup is completed, customers will be able to track their new shipment in the FedEx system and get updates as to where the package is going and when.

Will FedEx pick up a package at my house?

Yes, FedEx does offer a Package Pickup service to customers who already have a FedEx account, which you can set up on their website. To arrange for a FedEx pickup of your package at your home, you can call 1-800-463-3339 or log in to your account to schedule a pickup.

When ordering a pickup, you will be asked to provide the number of packages, package weights, and a pickup address. You can also choose a pickup date and select additional services, such as a money-back guarantee or package insurance.

To ensure that your package is collected properly, consider preparing your shipment in advance, labeling it clearly, and affixing any payment surcharges to your package. You can also see what special pickup options are available to you by visiting the FedEx website.

Are FedEx pickups free?

No, FedEx pickups are not free. FedEx charges a fee for pickup services depending on the type of service requested. Typically, FedEx Ground Pickup and FedEx Express Pickup are the two main types of pickup services available, with different fees associated with each.

The cost of a pickup is based on factors including package weight, special pickup instructions and services associated with the pickup. In addition, pickup fees may vary based on address, pickup times and days, and location.

To get an exact quote for pickup services from FedEx, customers can call 1-800-463-3339 or visit fedex. com/us.

How do I schedule a FedEx pickup with a prepaid label?

Scheduling a FedEx pickup with a prepaid label is relatively straightforward. First, you’ll need to locate and print your prepaid label. This can be done through your online account, or you can obtain a printed copy of the label through FedEx Ship Center locations.

Once you have your label, you can visit the FedEx pickup and drop-off locator on the their website, which will help you find the nearest FedEx pickup location.

You can then schedule a pickup directly from the website by selecting “Schedule a FedEx Pickup. ” You will need to provide information such as your mailing address, contact information, the details of the package (number of packages, weight, etc.

) and payment information for the pickup fee.

If you prefer, you can also call and schedule a pickup, but you will still need to provide the same information mentioned above. Once your pickup has been scheduled, then all you have to do is affix your prepaid label to the package and make sure the package is ready for pickup.