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Who says perfectly splendid?

“Perfectly Splendid” is an expression typically used to describe something that is, simply put, fantastic. The phrase is often associated with being filled with joy and enthusiasm, and has been used in popular culture for many years.

In classic literature, the phrase is often used by upper-class characters as a way of expressing their elation. It has been featured in movies, shows, and even musicals, often popping up in times of celebration and joy.

What did the little girl say in Haunting of Bly Manor?

In Haunting of Bly Manor, the little girl, Flora, says many things throughout the series. One of her most memorable lines comes when Dani confronts her about her dream. Flora says, “You didn’t make the choices I made.

You don’t know what I endured. I’m a survivor. Not a victim. ” This line speaks to Flora’s resilience and her ability to fight even in the face of tremendous odds. She has the courage and strength to keep going, no matter what.

This is just one of many powerful scenes in the show that features her wisdom and courage.

How many times did she say perfectly splendid?

She said “perfectly splendid” three times. The first time she said it was when she was describing the magnificent weather and glorious garden. The second time she said it was when she went inside to have a look around the beautifully decorated rooms.

The third time she said it was as she admired the delicious food that had been served. She exclaimed “perfectly splendid” with awe and admiration at the lovely sight before her.

Who is the lady telling the story in Bly Manor?

The lady telling the story in Bly Manor is Dani Clayton, portrayed by Victoria Pedretti. She is an American preschool teacher who has been hired by Henry Wingrave to serve as a nanny at Bly Manor. Dani is a quiet and reserved person, as she is still dealing with the sorrow of losing her fiancé.

She finds solace in her new job and her blooming friendships with her co-workers, as she slowly discovers more secrets about the mysterious estate. Despite some of the terrifying things she encounters in her time there, Dani eventually discovers the truth behind the events that occurred in Bly Manor and manages to help the spirits of the dead move on.

Is Hannah Grose a ghost?

No, Hannah Grose is not a ghost. She is a character in the television series “Broadchurch”. The show follows the story of two detectives, Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, who are assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a young boy in the town of Broadchurch.

During the investigation, they encounter many suspicious characters, one of which is Hannah Grose, the caretaker of the local school. She appears to be a quiet and reserved woman, and it is strongly suggested that she knows more than she is letting on.

However, it is later revealed that she is simply an aloof and stressed woman, trying to cover up her husband’s secret and protect her daughter. Despite the mystery surrounding her, it is clear that she is not a ghost as she is a living character in the show.

Why did the kids lock Dani in the closet in Bly Manor?

The kids at Bly Manor locked Dani (Rebecca Jessel) in the closet for several reasons. Primarily, the children were terrified of Dani’s ghostly presence in the house and sought to protect themselves from the haunting.

The children also felt that Dani was a threat to their safety and security, as she was often seen prowling through the halls or appearing in their bedrooms late at night. Additionally, the children may have been reminded of Dani’s traumatic death and sought to keep her away from the rest of the family.

Finally, the children may have been influenced by the enigmatic, cruel nanny, Miss Jessel, who often made them feel uneasy and frightened, and who had a particular proclivity for locking people in closets.

Whatever the motivations behind their actions, the children’s decision to lock Dani in the closet was ultimately misguided, leading to a tragic outcome.

What was Viola sick with in Bly?

In Bly, Viola was suffering from a severe bout of pneumonia. This had been progressing for some time, and by the time she arrived at Bly, it had become quite serious. She had a fever, was coughing up blood, had difficulty breathing and was exhausted from her journey.

The servants and housekeeper at Bly kept her isolated in her room while they attempted to treat her, employed both traditional folk remedies as well as some modern medicines. She was also visited by a doctor brought in by the housekeeper and was likely prescribed antibiotics.

Though she wanted desperately to tell her story, her weakened state prevented her from speaking clearly, thus she was unable to tell those caring for her who she really was. Fortunately, after a period of several days comforts, care, and rest, Viola eventually recovered and was able to go on and tell her story.

What is the full meaning of splendid?

Splendid is an adjective that means extraordinary, remarkable, or impressive. It typically has a positive connotation, as it is used to refer to something that is extremely high-quality or successful.

In modern usage, it often implies aesthetic beauty or excellence. Splendid can be used to describe a person, place, or thing, and can also be used figuratively. For example, one might say that an artwork was “splendidly painted”, or that a performance was “splendidly executed”.

People also use it to express appreciation. For instance, someone might say that something was “so splendid” to mean “that was awesome”.

Does splendid mean beautiful?

The term splendid has a connotation of something being particularly excellent, distinguished, or grand. While this might imply a sense of beauty, that is not necessarily the only interpretation. Splendid could be referring to magnificence, awe-inspiring grandeur, or impressive quality.

It is a broad term that could have many different meanings. Whether or not it implies beauty would depend on the context in which splendid is being used. For example, if someone said “the mountain range was splendid”, beauty would likely be implied since the beauty of the scenery is what makes it splendid.

However, if someone said “the engineering behind the machine was splendid”, then the term would be referring to the impressive quality of the machine’s engineering. Thus, whether or not splendid means beautiful depends on the context in which it is being used.

Can a person be splendid?

Yes, a person can indeed be splendid! Splendor is typically associated with inanimate objects, such as beautiful sunsets or exquisite works of art. But a person can also be splendid, in the sense of exhibiting extraordinary qualities or achieving greatness.

Splendid people can display remarkable intelligence, kindness, and creativity, to name a few. They can also take on difficult tasks, strive for improvement and success, and lead others in a meaningful way.

Many of the most influential people in history would be considered splendid, due to their ability to lead and to inspire others, as well as to make a lasting impact on the world. Ultimately, splendid people are those who make a difference in the world and leave a lasting legacy, no matter how big or small.

What can I say instead of splendid?

There are a variety of words you can use to express delightful or excellent instead of splendid. Some possible alternatives include: wonderful, marvelous, fabulous, stunning, remarkable, fantastic, breathtaking, miraculous, astounding, fantastic, and incredible.

What is a better word than beautiful?

Such as splendid, magnificent, gorgeous, stunning, graceful, remarkable, awe-inspiring, spectacular, exquisite, and marvellous. Depending on the context of the situation, different words may be more fitting.

For example, somebody might say that a particular landscape was “majestic” if it was expansive and grand, or use the word “radiant” to describe the warm and cheerful atmosphere of a family gathering.

Ultimately, the choice of word comes down to the speaker’s preference and the desired effect they wish to achieve.

What is splendid known for?

Splendid is a fashion and lifestyle brand that is best known for its commitment to creating soft and comfortable clothing for the whole family. Founded in the US in 2002, Splendid has since become a go-to destination for everyday luxury and effortless style.

With an emphasis on perfectly pairing comfort with fashion, Splendid produces an extensive range of contemporary casualwear, including tees, hoodies, dresses, sweatpants, leggings, and more. The brand has gained a devoted following due to its clothing’s flattering fits and wide range of sizes, as well as its commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

Splendid has also recently become a part of the VF Corporation, which owns numerous other popular brands.

What is the difference between splendid and magnificent?

The words splendid and magnificent are both used to describe something that is stunning and extraordinary. However, there is a subtle difference between the two words.

Splendid generally implies something that is impressive or extraordinary in a striking and impressive way. The focus is usually on the actual condition or appearance of what is being described. For example, when you look out over a magnificent view of the mountains, you could say it is “splendid.


Magnificent, on the other hand, implies something that is not just striking or excellent in a physical way, but also conveys greatness or a sense of grandeur. While you can say that a splendid ocean view is great to look at, you could describe the same view as “magnificent” if there is a majestic quality to the scene.

In conclusion, the difference between splendid and magnificent is that splendid describes something that is extraordinary in a striking way, while magnificent adds a sense of grandeur or majesty.

What is magnificent and splendid?

Magnificent and splendid are two words that are often used to describe something that is grand, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. To feel something is magnificent and splendid is to be overwhelmed with an intense feeling of admiration.

For example, a magnificent sunset would be one that is extraordinarily breathtaking with warm, vivid colors, where the horizon looks like it is on fire with glorious light. On the other hand, a splendid vista could be one that is full of grandeur and awe-provoking beauty, such as a panoramic view of a valley with lush greenery, or of a cityscape at night with twinkling lights.

To be surrounded by such magnificence and splendor is the kind of experience that can take the breath away.